-Chilling with that special person I love …every time we together its nothing but fun ….we share that unbreakable bond #GuessWho #Yonigga #haha #JustAJoke #LovinMyself
-I kill 🔫🔫 y’all hoes w/my looks&&Silence …No need to get rowdy bout competition …What’s understood doesn’t have to be explain 💙💋😜😋
Just be yourself and work harder so that you one day you can uphold that kind of lifestyle
No one can never be ME or do the things I do I walk in my own shoes overcome my own obstacles and smile because I deserve to I hold my head up high because I know there’s something in stores for me until I get my prizes I have nothing else to do but to smile and worry about ME 💙💙💙 (at The Villages Of East Lake Greenside)
I’m confident in the skin I’m in I might not have a lot to offer but I confident in my skin cause I was made that way  (Taken with Instagram)
Me and this girl been rocking since day 1! We have that real close relationship a nigga nor a biish can every come between us… I ride for her she ride for me she is my Favv my BESTIE and my sister blood couldn’t make us closer…I love my Favv and miss her so much 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 (Taken with Instagram)
I would like for all of my Maynard Jackson Followers to vote for my brother @richfantasies for Mr.Maynard Jackson ….He’s cool down to earth and know how to kick 💩……Remember to vote him as Mr.Maynard Jackson  (Taken with Instagram)
#picstitch quoya again  (Taken with Instagram)
#picstitch quoya and Abagail (Taken with Instagram)
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